Animals like people

Share2 Shares As humans, we are not the fastest or the strongest animal. Even our senses are outmatched by many creatures.

Animals like people

Even the strays, I can't catch to get fixed and find homes for, are treated better than some pets I make sure they have food, shelter, and fresh water. Our dog Simba was my 2nd son and my son's little brother. He had his own bd parties and if my son got a toy so did Simba.

It took us about an hour to leave his body for cremation though. Even once we made it to the car, we almost went back in. It took us awhile to drive away.

Tears are flooding my face now as i type. We miss him so much!!!!!!! My female bunny heard us crying so hysterically she went into her own depression and stopped eating she nearly died several times and was in the hospital 5 days anything medical was ruled out.

Animals like people

Simba had so many toys, we are still finding them under furniture. My son and i often had to race to the car when out at a store and seen toys and couldn't fight the tears and raced to the car to cry in private. He would have been 13 this past jan 19th I need to go She has to be syringe fed the rest od her life.

I would have sold everything I own to have saved our baby if it would have made a difference.


It's been a yr and a half. I cant even type without crying about him. The rescue animals for the short time they are here are spoiled and my interviews are very hard to pass. If 1 thing from the agreement is broken, I will take the animals back.

If 1 animal gets a toy, they all do They are ALL spoiled!!!!!!!!!!! Just like my son. In memory of our beloved dog Simba, Be kind to our 4-legged friends, they only want our love!!!!!!!!!Why Do Humans Talk to Animals If They Can’t Understand?

It’s no stretch to suppose that a person with few or no friends would treat a pet more like a human friend. Perhaps, too, people.

Why are some people better with animals than others? Update Cancel. (which is another thing that snakes don't do). Animals like DH.

The Moral Considerability of Animals

I think, other than personality, there might be an argument for scent. Most animals have a far keener sense of smell than humans, and they use it more complexly than humans.

Animals like people

Do some animals like some people. Dec 07,  · Asia Pacific | ‘They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals’ Close search Site Search Navigation.

We also went on our own to the places where people . Aug 02,  · We've captured animals doing all sorts of things that people do from driving to scuba diving.

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Mar 05,  · Animals are adorable when they're acting like animals. Turns out, they're also adorable when they're acting like people. Check out these nine cute non-people pretending to be people . If you've ever had a pet cat or dog, you know that non-human animals masturbate just like people do.

What you might not know is masturbation exists throughout the animal kingdom in species from penguins and horses to squirrels.

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