Child protection essay

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Child protection essay

While you might not agree with all of her conclusions, she cites a wealth of studies many regarding children here in Illinois and in Chicago showing serious breakdowns in the system.

First, the child welfare effort in the US is ineffective mainly because it is misdirected; current laws and policies fail to take into account the role of poverty in child maltreatment, for example. Second, intervention by Child Protective Services CPS is mismanaged and inflicts harm on children by separating them needlessly from family, and by placing them at risk for additional future problems.

Physical abuse, sexual abuse, abandonment, and neglect failure to clothe, feed, supervise, and provide adequate medical care can all lead to an intervention in the family.

However, neglect is the basis for half of the maltreatment investigations, with abuse being the cause for only a fourth. In some areas, the percentages are even more disparate, including New York City where neglect cases outnumber abuse cases 10 to 1. Stress associated with poverty, depression, and poor and crowded housing are more likely to be seen with abuse and neglect, and Roberts draws upon several studies to support this.

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Roberts clarifies that this is not an issue of poverty alone, however, as Latino communities experience similar levels of poverty. However, Latinos are not overrepresented in child maltreatment statistics beyond their percentage in the general US population.

Black parents are reported for maltreatment three times more often nationwide, and 10 times more often in New York City. Likewise, this is not an issue of one-parent versus two-parent homes, as child maltreatment is just as likely in one-parent as in two-parent homes once income is controlled.

It should be noted that while these numbers and their implications are shocking, Roberts, in my opinion, misrepresents something. She basically removes a key point from the equation, and then concludes that since it is not in the equation it must not be important.

She notes that the number of parents in the home makes no difference, after income is statistically controlled. However, a two-parent home is more likely to be a two-income home, or at least a single income home where one parent has fewer child care responsibilities and can dedicate themselves to income.

Thus, a two-parent home is more likely to avoid poverty. Roberts believes this is more an issue of race. The implication is that doctors are more likely to be suspicious of abuse when seeing children of Black parents than White.

A Florida study showed that despite equal levels of substance abuse among mothers seen at a hospital, Black mothers were reported to Child Protective Services 10 times more often.

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She also reports that hospitals routinely serving minority communities are more likely to test for illegal substances at birth, and so White mothers may be reported less frequently because the substance abuse is undetected.

It is not just that poorer families are more likely to be caught, Roberts notes, but that wealth can provide a degree of privacy.

Additional caretakers nannies, scout leaders, tutors…programs school, community, church…and better neighborhoods less crime and better oversight by parents, schools, and police can hide many family problems. In my experience, this has been true. Cases in which White parents who had been grossly neglectful over a period of weeks were reunified within a matter of months, and in which White parents at risk for significant abuse were given unsupervised visitation soon after intervention, are not uncommon.

With poverty so severe in Black communities, many families have no choice but to turn to social service agencies, which are often connected with Child Protective Services, for help. In other words, any intervention of Child Protective Services is seen as evidence of parental inadequacy.

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As a result, she noted that many families may hide information from social service workers, in order to avoid giving information that can be used against them later. Once the family is involved in services, families of White children are twice as likely to be offered in-home services and help obtaining adequate housing compared to families of Black children, even when the families face the same problems, according to an HHS study.

Black children in relative placement receive fewer services, less financial support, and less health care. Roberts does some statistical work to derive a ratio comparing the percentage of child abuse cases that belongs to a minority group, and the percentage of the general population that belongs to a minority group.

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A ratio of 1. What she found was that this ratio was slightly less than 1. Roberts attributes this variability to inconsistency in decisions about Black children.Child protection in America has been in action since the colonial period; “The history of child protection in America is divisible into three eras.

The first era extends from colonial times to and may be referred to as the era before organized child protection. Attachment is a theory about danger and how we organize in the face of it Crittenden and Clausson We hear a lot about ‘attachment’ and its important in care proceedings.

Child protection Essay. Explain child protection in the wider concept of safeguarding children and young people - Child protection Essay introduction.

Safeguarding of children is known as an umbrella term which means it involves everything to ensure the health and safety of the children.

Article , , of the Family Code of the Philippines and PD “gives the school, its administrators and teachers, or the individual, entity or institution engaged in child care the special parental authority and responsibility over the minor child while under their supervision, instruction or .

Safeguarding is an umbrella term that involves everything we do in the setting to ensure children are kept safe and healthy. It means a whole range of policies and procedures. child protection essaysDiscuss the impact of the media, cultural issues and commonly held beliefs on victims/survivors of child abuse and their families.

words. In this paper I have examined the impact of the media, cultural issues and commonly held beliefs on victims/survivors of child abuse.

Child protection essay
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