Explore the dramatic significane of lady

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Explore the dramatic significane of lady

How to interpret birds, in life and in dreams. Source Bird Myths, Superstitions, Folklore, and Stories We tend to take the presence of our feathered friends very much for granted, so you may be surprised to find out just how many myths and superstitions there are around the world concerning birds.

A lot of these superstitions involve luck, both good and bad. For example, many cultures believe it is an important sign if a bird flies into your home. Some view it as good luck, but some think it's bad.

Below, you'll find guidance in interpreting the bird in your home. Since it is good luck that most of us wish for, it is widely regarded as being very lucky if a bird deposits its droppings on you—although you might not think so at the time!

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In my experience, it generally happens when you have a clean, ironed shirt on and are going somewhere fairly important. Even the direction a bird calls from has a meaning. For example, a bird calling from the north means a tragedy is on the way, while a call from the west brings good luck, one from the south means the harvest will be plentiful, and a call from the east means that you will find true love.

So, lets have a look at some of that traditional bird folklore. What Does a Bird in the House Mean? Many cultures believe it is an important sign if a bird flies into your house. Here are some of the more common interpretations.

Is it bad luck if bird flies into your house? Many believe it signifies that an important message is on its way. The bird is like a messenger from above, trying to get your attention and warn you to pay attention.

Many people believe that it's a sign that someone is going to die soon, but others see it as a portent of some other kind of dramatic transformation.

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What color and kind of bird is it? If the bird happens to be white, it could mean that there will be a death of some kind, but perhaps not a literal death: Scroll down to find out what other types and colors of birds might represent. What if a bird is tapping on your window?

Some cultures believe that birds are the spirits of loved ones who have passed. Is this type of bird connected to someone you once knew?

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Could it be possible that one of your old friends or ancestors is trying to send you a message? What if a bird flies into your window? What if it hits the window? You may encounter an obstacle in your life soon.

Keep your eyes open for hidden traps and barriers. What if the bird dies? If a wild bird flies into the glass and is killed or knocked unconscious, most cultures see this as a dramatic warning of things to come. Is the bird trying to get out? If the bird is struggling wildly to get out, flapping and bouncing against the glass, it could be a sign that you're trapped, too.With these elements comes the dramatic irony that contributes to the comedic effect of the play.

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Explore the dramatic significane of lady

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