Format of letter writing according to cbse syllabus

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Format of letter writing according to cbse syllabus

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format of letter writing according to cbse syllabus

When he got the mark sheet he was disappointed with his marks. He thought that he had done well in the examination but his answer-books were not properly valued and that improper valuation had resulted in low marks.

Therefore he made an application for inspection and re-evaluation of his answer-books. CBSE rejected the said request by letter dated The reasons for rejection were: Feeling aggrieved the first respondent filed W. CBSE resisted the petition.

It contended that as per its Bye-laws, re- evaluation and inspection of answer-books were impermissible and what was permissible was only verification of marks.

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Verification of marks obtained by a Candidate in a subject i A candidate who has appeared at an examination conducted by the Board may apply to the concerned Regional Officer of the Board for verification of marks in any particular subject. The verification will be restricted to checking whether all the answer's have been evaluated and that there has been no mistake in the totalling of marks for each question in that subject and that the marks have been transferred correctly on the title page of the answer book and to the award list and whether the 4 supplementary answer book s attached with the answer book mentioned by the candidate are intact.

No revaluation of the answer book or supplementary answer book s shall be done. Maintenance of Answer Books The answer books shall be maintained for a period of three months and shall thereafter be disposed of in the manner as decided by the Chairman from time to time.

It was submitted that if candidates were to be permitted to seek re-evaluation of answer books or inspection thereof, it will create confusion and chaos, subjecting its elaborate system of examinations to delay and disarray.

format of letter writing according to cbse syllabus

If CBSE was required to re-evaluate the answer-books or grant inspection of answer-books or grant certified copies thereof, it would interfere with its effective and efficient functioning, and will also require huge additional staff and infrastructure.

It was submitted that the entire examination system and evaluation by CBSE is done in a scientific and systemic manner designed to ensure and safeguard the high academic standards and at each level utmost care was taken to achieve the object of excellence, keeping in view the interests of the students.

CBSE referred to the following elaborate procedure for evaluation adopted by it: Paper setters are normally appointed from amongst academicians recommended by then Committee of courses of the Board. Every paper setter is asked to set more than one set of question papers which are moderated by a team of moderators who are appointed from the academicians of the University or from amongst the Senior Principals.

The function of the moderation team is to ensure correctness and consistency of different sets of question papers with the curriculum and to assess the difficulty level to cater to the students of 6 different schools in different categories. After assessing the papers from every point of view, the team of moderators gives a declaration whether the whole syllabus is covered by a set of question papers, whether the distribution of difficulty level of all the sets is parallel and various other aspects to ensure uniform standard.

The Board also issues detailed instructions for the guidance of the moderators in order to ensure uniform criteria for assessment.

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The evaluation system on the whole is well organized and fool-proof. All the candidates are examined through question papers set by the same paper setters.

Their answer books are marked with fictitious roll numbers so as to conceal their identity. The work of allotment of fictitious roll number is carried out by a team working under a Chief Secrecy Officer having full autonomy. The Chief Secrecy Officer and his team of assistants are academicians drawn from the Universities and other autonomous educational bodies not connected with the Board.

The Chief Secrecy Officer himself is usually a person of the rank of a University professor. No official of the Board at the Central or Regional level is associated with him in performance of the task assigned to him. The codes of fictitious roll numbers and their sequences are generated by the Chief Secrecy Officer himself on the basis of mathematical formula which randomize the real roll numbers and are known only to him and his team.Examrace is number 1 education portal for competitive and scholastic exam preparation resources.

Get free study material, exam & sample papers, information on deadlines, exam format etc. Mar 07,  · A business or a formal letter is a letter written in formal language, usually used when writing from one business organisation to another, or for correspondence between such organisations and their customers, clients and other external Resolved.

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On November 1, national test agency (NTA) will release the NEET application form for the exam that will be held on May 5 Interestingly, the form will be released on the old NEET website i.e. CBSE is no longer conducting the exam, it was assumed that the form would be released on, but that isn’t the case.

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Oct 08,  · Watch Formal and Informal Letters - Format and Sample explained in the form of a story in high quality animated videos. Explore the many real-life applications of it. CBSE X English Writing Skills Letter Writing and Biography W /5().

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