Forrest meggers thesis

The workshop addresses the case-study of designing a performance based skin for a building to act as a solar protection retrofitting strategy. The participants will be introduced to specific parametric design presets in Grasshopper 3D. A multi objective optimization process will be performed to reach the optimum second skin iteration using integrated optimization tools in Grasshopper.

Forrest meggers thesis

Meggers external collaborator, Princeton University Project Link beyondefficiency.

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Consequently, indoor climate control requires a lot of energy and extensive ductwork. In new commercial buildings in Singapore, up to one third of the enclosed volume is occupied by technical systems and structural elements, consuming valuable space.

Our concept reduces space consumption by a third, at the same time, raising the comfort and increasing energy efficiency by a factor of two.

Forrest meggers thesis

Through systems integration we propose to build 3 floors in the space of 2 — hence 3for2. Eliminating the excesses of standard design, Forrest meggers thesis achieve 2x the performance.

Our concept consists of three main components: To split cooling and dehumidifying.

Scientific Chair: Forrest Meggers, He is currently writing his diploma thesis “Determination and representation of spectral and spatial distribution of daylight in interiors”, addressing the issue of daylight measurement methods with aspects to non-image forming effects. He has assisted in a variety of research projects at the Chair of. The Building Data Genome Project: An open, public data set from non-residential building electrical meters Author links open overlay panel Clayton Miller a b Forrest Meggers c Show more. architecture, Elizabeth DILLER, michael MEREDITH, nyc, princeton SOA, thesis, Toshiki HIRANO. Comments Off on Times Square Re-imagined.

Instead of using cold and dry air for both, we distinguish between removing heat from the building interior and removing moisture from the air coming from outside. To use water instead of air for heat transport.

Water has a greater heat-transporting capacity than air, which allows for smaller pipes that can be easily integrated into the construction. Extensive false ceilings and floors to hide the technical systems become unnecessary. To use small, decentralized ventilation units instead of a single central unit.

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These small units transport the air required for indoor air quality through the facade, dehumidifying it and blowing it into the room they are installed in. Air distribution through the building becomes unnecessary.

The unit can be integrated into the facade or the floor.

Forrest meggers thesis

All three measures allow a much stronger interweaving of service systems with constructive elements, freeing up space and volume thus offering both new design potential and economic opportunities. A first-time implementation of the concept is currently being realised on the campus of the United World College, Singapore.

Details of the 3for2 concept 3for2 implementation at UWC Singapore: Lausanne, Switzerland, Research Collection Additional Information.Architecture and Civil Engineering.

D-ARCH: Architecture. D-BAUG: Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering. Engineering Sciences.

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D-BSSE: Biosystems Science and Engineering. Mehdi Maasoumy, Qi Zhu, Cheng Li, Forrest Meggers, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Co-design of control algorithm and embedded platform for building HVAC systems, Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE 4th International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems, Master's thesis, EECS Department, University of California, Berkeley, Feb ytisrevinU notecnirP erutcetihcrA fo loohcS —koobkroW 61/ Princeton University School of Architecture Workbook— 15/ Presented by The Irwin S.

Chanin School of Architecture "Three Views of Oman is a great example of the dialogue of cultures. Rather than repeating the Orientalist approach that has weakened so many Western studies of Arabic societies, this exhibition builds a new bridge between two civilizations with different histories but shared values.".

Read more about Prof. Forrest Meggers invited as a Keynote Speaker at the ICACMS Latest News Our Research on Polymer-based Dehumidification Technology was Awarded the Princeton’s IP Accelerator Fund.

Forrest Meggers, PU-Architecture-Andlinger INNOVATIONS: CLASSROOM LAB Forrest Meggers Assistant Professor of Architecture and the Andlinger Center .

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