Marks and spencer summary

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Marks and spencer summary

Formation[ edit ] The replication cycle of a retrovirus entails the insertion "integration" of a DNA copy of the viral genome into the nuclear genome of the host cell. Most retroviruses infect somatic cellsbut occasional infection of germline cells cells that produce eggs and sperm can also occur.

Rarely, retroviral integration may occur in a germline cell that goes on to develop into a viable organism. This organism will carry the inserted retroviral genome as an integral part of its own genome—an "endogenous" retrovirus ERV that may be inherited by its offspring as a novel allele.

Many ERVs have persisted in the genome of their hosts for millions of years. However, most of these have acquired inactivating mutations during host DNA replication and are no longer capable of producing virus. ERVs can also be partially excised from the genome by a process known as recombinational deletion, in which recombination between the identical sequences that flank newly integrated retroviruses results in deletion of the internal, protein -coding regions of the viral genome.

The general retrovirus genome consists of three genes vital for the invasion, replication, escape, and spreading of its viral genome. These three genes are gag encodes for structural proteins for the viral corepol encodes for reverse transcriptaseintegraseand proteaseand env encodes for coat proteins for the virus's exterior.

These viral proteins are encoded as polyproteins. In order to carry out their life cycle, the retrovirus relies heavily on the host cell's machinery. Protease degrades peptide bonds of the viral polyproteins, making the separate proteins functional.

Reverse transcriptase functions to synthesize viral DNA from the viral RNA in the host cell's cytoplasm before it enters the nucleus. Integrase guides the integration of viral DNA into the host genome. Most studies in this area have focused on the genomes of humans and higher primates, but other vertebrates, such as mice and sheep, have also been studied in depth.

In addition, the retroviral proteins themselves have been co-opted to serve novel host functions, particularly in reproduction and development.

Marks & Spencer warned of an increasingly tough trading environment after disruption from the latest attempt to reinvent Britain's most famous retailer dented first half sales and profit margins. All the latest news about Marks & Spencer from the BBC. A·B: Alfred Bedford. Alfred Bedford registered punch marks at both London and Chester in , AB in a rectangle with cut corners. This A·B mark is the sponsor's mark registered in Birmingham in by Alfred Bedford, manager of the Waltham Watch Co, Holborn Circus, London.

Recombination between homologous retroviral sequences has also contributed to gene shuffling and the generation of genetic variation.

Furthermore, in the instance of potentially antagonistic effects of retroviral sequences, repressor genes have co-evolved to combat them.

Solo LTRs and LTRs associated with complete retroviral sequences have been shown to act as transcriptional elements on host genes. Retroviral fusogenic env proteins, which play a role in the entry of the virion into the host cell, have had an important impact on the development of the mammalian placenta.

In mammals, intact env proteins called syncytins are responsible for the formation and function of syncytiotrophoblasts. These rearrangements have been shown to induce gene duplications and deletions that largely contribute to genome plasticity and dramatically change the dynamic of gene function.

Their appearance into the genome has created a host-parasite co-evolutionary dynamic that proliferated the duplication and expansion of repressor genes.

The most clear-cut example of this involves the rapid duplication and proliferation of tandem zinc-finger genes in mammal genomes. Zinc-finger genes, particularly those that include a KRAB domain, exist in high copy number in vertebrate genomes, and their range of functions are limited to transcriptional roles.

Regulatory mutations, instead of mutations in genes that encode for hormones and growth factorssupport the known evolution of placental morphology, especially since the majority of hormone and growth factor genes are expressed in response to pregnancy, not during placental development.MARKS AND SPENCER MAHNOOR FATIMA SUMMARY Marks and Spencer is a well-known retailer company of UK which aims to make fashion and fine food accessible to everyone with simultaneously fulfilling its co-operate social responsibility (CSR).

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Marks and spencer summary

Marks and Spencer has opened since two stores in China, one in Huaihai Road in Shanghai, the equivalent of London’s Oxford Street (City Focus, ). And the other one is in Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai major attraction and commercial hub (City in pulse, ).

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