Sculpey clay projects

Polymer Clay in the Garden Posted by Boopaints on August 19, Polymer clay has been a popular craft for some time, but artisans are taking it out of the house and into the garden for a little added whimsy. Garden stakes, fairy doors, mobiles, and other fun objects are being created out of clay, bringing color and personalization to the outdoors. Meet three inspiring clay artists who have found creative ways to introduce polymer to their own gardens. Polymer clay is one of the hottest materials to hit the art market in decades.

Sculpey clay projects

This is from the Polyform Products Company. I like using this clay because it is easy to work with. It doesn't have to be worked a lot to get it soft.

There are different brands of clay and even different types that are the sculpey brand. Use what you prefer. Start by conditioning a 1 oz. Form into a tear drop shape and flatten slightly on the bottom of the wide end.

Sculpey clay projects

Add a line across the front, part way down, to shape the tummy. Roll a marble sized piece of clay into a snake about 2 inches long.

Polymer Clay Ideas: GIANT Clay Beads. August 25, by Ana Dziengel 10 Comments. Tweet. Share Pin 2K. 2K Shares. I love supersizing projects! I was trying to decide between a few polymer clay ideas for this post when it occurred to me to simply make it big. My kids will love to try this project. Time to order some Sculpey! Reply. You Only Have to Control 3 Things When You're Baking Polymer Clay. Temperature, Time, and Baking Surfaces. Manage these and your oven will produce perfectly cured projects without scorching, burning or brittleness.. If you overcook your clay the only way to fix it is to cover it up or sand it off. Home > Clay Crafts > Clay. Clay. Sculpey Premo Clay. Fimo Clay. Pardo. Sculpey Souffle Clay. New to Polymer Clay? Check out this free article "Polymer Clay Tips for Beginners" by The Blue Bottle Tree. Sculpey III Polymer Clay. Original Sculpey & Super Sculpey. Sculpey Multipaks. Air Dry & Non-Hardening Clay.

Cut off two pieces, 1 inch long. If you want this guy to have longer arms, you can cut the pieces longer. Stick the arms on the body and bend slightly at the elbows. Use a half inch sized ball and roll into a snake, slightly smaller than the thickness of a pencil. Attach the legs to the body, of the sculpey teddy bear.

Take a marble size piece of clay and shape into a head. Make eye holes, a mouth and snout on the bear. Add holes for the nostrils. Put a small amount of black on the end of the nose. Use two, small pea size pieces of clay and shape into ears.

Attach these to the head. With a skewer stick, make a foot pad and toes. Push in fairly deep. Add more clay around the eyes if they look too big. Poke a hole in the belly to make a belly button.

Make a tiny heart from red clay and put on the left side of the chest. Bake according to manufacturers directions for the type of clay you are using.Polymer Clay Inspiration Halloween Projects!

Glow-in-the-Dark Polymer Clay. Today’s polymer clay inspiration and challenge is to make something from Glow-in-the-Dark polymer clay. In the picture above, I have shown the three different brands of glow-in-the-dark clay I have in my studio.

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Sculpey is a great brand of product for people who are interested in using polymer clay for DIY projects in the home. Like other polymer clays, Sculpey can be molded into all sorts of different shapes and sculptures and then baked in a conventional oven to complete the project.

Polymer clay is fantastic crafting material for making little charms, jewelry, and it’s not as difficult to work with it as it may seem. Here are 9 Cute and Easy DIY Polymer Clay Projects to . I can’t wait to add more fun to our fairy garden, and I’ll be checking out the Sculpey blog for lots of inspiration!

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Featured Products + Quick Shop great for use with oven-bake clay for jewelry making, paper crafting and seasonal projects. Shapes include: snowman, heart, shamrock, bunny, egg.

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