The city under ground essay

It was another five years before my first landing at IDL; little did I imagine that it would become my domicile later in life, for the better part of 14 years. So here are the images; click on individual pictures for a larger view.

The city under ground essay

The City Under Ground by Suzanne Martel

Living in a city is challenging. It is full of many problems. We have to face social, emotional, psychological problems. We have to constantly live under some kind of stress and strain.

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Life in a big city is fast-paced. There is cut-throat competition in city. This leads to a loss of mental peace. Maintaining mental balance becomes a challenge. Accommodation, education, health care, etc. Commuting long distances daily is a bitter reality of city life.

The city under ground essay

We have no escape from this tiring routine. Accommodation is a major problem in city. It is the first problem a new comer faces.

West Side tunnel, NYC

House-hunting is a big challenge. In a time of skyrocketing price hike finding an appropriate dwelling is an arduous task. Many members of a family have to live into a small room. Even the room lacks proper ventilation. There is no proper source of sunlight.

Several underprivileged persons become permanent pavement dwellers with no place to afford. The rent is too high to afford. Increasing slums in the city are consequences of this problem. These slums directly or indirectly provide breeding ground for the spread of pollution, crime and anti-social activities.

Life in a big city is madly busy. Long working hours and commuting long distances leave little to enjoy with the family. The home is mere a resting place. From morning to evening people have to live under constant pressure.

They have to leave their home early morning, travel long distances and return tired and exhausted in the late evening.Compelling stories, cutting-edge classical music, National Theater, literary events, comedy shows, film screenings and much more all at Symphony Space.

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