Try try till you succeed

You often hear it said, you only fail when you fail to get up after a fall. In life, it is impossible not to face failure at one point.

Try try till you succeed

Helping patients and doctors to talk to each other! Sunday, March 06, Try and try till you succeed - success story from Bangalore Try and try till you succeed After two years of trying for baby and undergoing two laproscopies ,two iuis and one failed ivf we were devastated Oh it was so informative!

We visited Dr Malpani clinic in May for the first time and i must say there is something in his clinic. We underwent two IVF cycles one in July and other one in Oct 09 but unfortunately both resulted in chemical pregnancies Our 4th cycle was planned in Aug10 ie IVF with frozen embryo transfer.

I must say since our embryos were frozen so this cycle was very very less stressful and required just two visits to the clinic! YES i got pregnant in this cycle that too with twins!!

Our joys knew no bounds We immediately informed Dr Malpani about it. Presently i am in 32 weeks of pregnancy and just waiting to hold my babies in my arms and even now Dr Malpani calls up and asks for my well being and answers all our queries inspite of his busy schedule and mad rush in his clinic.

This shows his true dedication for his patients. I must also mention about Dr Anjali who has an equal or rather more role to play along with her husband.

She is a sweetheart and very professional. She is the one who did all my transfers and finally made me pregnant! Also Dr Sai,the embryologist and all the staff in the clinic are true professionals and do their jobs very well I would like to wish them all the best for future and may they continue to do the noble cause.Feb 05,  · Try & Try Until You Succeed This is a very common quote and i hope we all know it.

We have heard this quote so many times more so ever from wrong people that our view towards it has completly changed.

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hey thanks Ruskies. I’ll try those out next time I’m out. One thing I forgot to mention on why I think I don’t want to grind with some girls sometimes I just started school and met a lot of my girl classmates.

Try and try till you succeed - success story from Bangalore Try and try till you succeed.i think this mantra holds not only in your professional life but personal too.

Try try till you succeed

KEEP TRYING UNTIL YOU SUCCEED. A group of frogs was playing when two of them fell into a deep pit. When other frogs saw how deep the pit was, they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead.

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Try try till you succeed

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