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Dagrthe Norse god of the day, rides his horse in this 19th-century painting by Peter Nicolai Arbo.

Word of the day

We have outlined the project details below for your indulgent perusal and personal edification. Please also thrill to the beguiling panoply of rewards exhibited for your delectation! Are you seeking to further your unyielding quest for omnilegence?

Either or both of these elucidating calendars will supplement your sesquipedalian loquaciousness as they enlighten and entertain you daily. They are calendars of such magnificence, such grandiloquence, that you will need to reference one for words adequate enough to describe them.

Each month highlights a chimerical specimen out of the rarefied mists of antiquity! The interior has a stunning matte finish that will enable you to easily commit your written schedule to its bountiful boxes. The artwork is thoughtfully curated from sumptuously detailed illustrations of the Late Renaissance through Late Victorian Periods, and collaged into new visions of mythological grandeur.

Daily Holidays This calendar features two fun festivities every day! Holidays both beloved and bizarre are displayed for your daily pleasure. Celestial Details Abound There is an intricately detailed chart of the lunar cycles, certain to be most felicitous when planning your nocturnal intrigues.

Perfect for those with a lupine leaning! There is also a Heliocentric Simulacrum, which complements the lunar cycles chart.

Word of the day

Dare I say, it is a calendar for the ages! The perpetual daily desk calendar comes with a spiral binding on a display easel, expressly made to be easily flipped to each exciting new day. Daily Gems of Grandiloquence Every day of the year features an illustrated word to enhance and increase your personal lexicon.

You shall most assuredly befuddle your colleagues with your brilliance as you sprenge these abstruse locutions into your adventitious office persiflage, and add legions of friends to your admiring throng as you impress with your deipnosophy.

Please note, gentle readers — this is a perpetual daily calendar. It shows the month and day — such as January 1st — but not the day of the week or the year.

This enables you to start using it on any day of the year, as well as to display it beyond We purposefully created these calendars to be different in style and function…each is indispensable on its own while being a grand complement to the other.

For example…while the most common holidays are listed, the majority of the holidays are different across the two calendars. You will most certainly find delight and usefulness in having them both in your possession! These jovial games are carefully curated from Victorian and Edwardian sources, or created by the author, to delight literary connoisseurs of all ages.

Although fashioned with adults and older children in mind due to the complexity of the content, even young children may enjoy the coloring pages, jokes, and limericks. Tripudiation abounds - you have also unlocked the second stretch goal!!!

They will be in the same shipment as your printed calendar s.

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These beautiful bookplates will be printed on high quality, acid-free, self-adhesive paper Pen your name on the scroll with the proud flourish of a bibliognost to personalize your prized tomes.

And now, in these final hours of the campaign, we present to you Third Stretch Goal - Grandiloquent Bookmark! Our third and final stretch goal for this campaign is a beauty, to be sure.

It will be in the same shipment as your printed calendar s and bookplates. This stylish double-sided bookmark will be printed on high-quality, sturdy stock, coated for additional durability, and adorned with a silky cord tassel.

Word of the day

A tribute to your literary lifestyle, it shall be a boon companion to mark your favorite passages and save your library from a dog-eared fate. I am eternally grateful for your ongoing support, and deeply appreciative for your consideration of this Kickstarter campaign…a multitude of thanks, glorious readers!

Risks and challenges Our Wall Calendar was a great success. We were touched and delighted to receive feedback from so many of our wonderful backers, as our goal is always your satisfaction!

Our pledge to you is that we will devote the same level of artistry, craftsmanship, and care to the creation of the calendars. Last year was our first for global shipping. We took this very much to heart, and immediately took steps to make it right for them.Discover more about Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Day - a different word every day to learn, enjoy, or share.

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Workday was founded on a disruptive idea: to put people at the center of enterprise software. Now, over a decade later, we still deliver on that idea every day. Learn more. Grandiloquent Word of the Day/Jason Ott is raising funds for Grandiloquent Word of the Day Calendars on Kickstarter!

Two remarkable calendars – grandiloquent words with definitions, period illustrations, daily holidays, and more! Saturday is the day of the week between Friday and Sunday.

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The Romans named Saturday Sāturni diēs ("Saturn's Day") Similarly, in Korean the word Saturday is 토요일 (tho yo il), also meaning earth day. The element Earth was associated with the planet Saturn in Chinese astrology and philosophy.

So, I’ve decided to start a “Word of the Day” series which describe my personal take on essential concepts you too may encounter in your startup, business development, or Lean Six Sigma team.

The magic of words. “The most welcomed, most enduring piece of daily mass e-mail in cyberspace.”.

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