Write about red soil in africa

Bring fact-checked results to the top of your browser search. Soils South Africa contains three major soil regions. A second major region lies within an area receiving year-round precipitation in Western Cape and Eastern Cape and generally contains gray sandy and sandy loam soils. Over most of the rest of the country, which is generally dry, the characteristic soils comprise a sandy top layer, often a sandy loam, underlain by a layer of lime or an accretion of silica.

Write about red soil in africa

The present study evaluates the quality of the soil resource base of Africa and also the risks to sustainable agriculture and soil productivity on a continent-wide basis. Fifty five percent of the land in Africa is unsuitable for any kind of agriculture except nomadic grazing. These are largely the deserts, which includes salt flats, dune and rock lands, and the steep to very steep lands.

There are compelling reasons for African nations to return to fundamentals in terms of research and developmental initiatives. Those countries with subsistence agriculture have had minimal inputs in acquiring and managing information about their resource conditions.

The green revolution succeeded in Asia in those countries where there was a serious effort to match technology with resource conditions and where advances in development and use of high yielding cultivars was accompanied by appropriate soil, water, and nutrient management.

Sluggish or zero growth is likely because of the cumulative effect of many factors but with strong bearings on soil productivity. Agriculture production is not merely the managing of the biophysical resources; it is also strongly controlled by the socioeconomic milieu.

The opening of national markets to world trade has induced new stresses in the on-farm socioeconomic situation. The resource poor farmers of Africa have few options today to enhance their agricultural productivity.

The traditional low-input agriculture practiced by many of the farmers in the absence of replenishment of mineral nutrients, is slowly reducing many of the soils to almost inert systems Stoorvogel and Smaling, As many of the soils also have low resilience, future corrective measures may be exorbitantly expensive.

The study of Oldeman et al. This empirical assessment based on the judgment of many persons and often made in the absence of supporting data, points to the magnitude of the problem. With reliable resource inventories and monitoring of the resource base, better assessments and projections can be made.

Such knowledge is as important as helping national planners and farmers to enhance their agricultural productivity.

write about red soil in africa

The purpose of the present study is to evaluate the quality of the soil resource base of Africa and the risks to sustainable agriculture and soil productivity on a continent-wide basis. Soil Quality Quality is the essential character, distinguishing feature or property of an object.

It identifies that feature which makes the thing useful or perform a task in a beneficial way. Most persons refer to soil quality in a similar way and look for attributes that enable the soil to perform its functions in an acceptable manner.

Larson and Pierce view soil quality as the capacity of a soil to function within its ecosystem boundaries and interact positively with the environment external to that ecosystem. They link soil quality to the four sustainability objectives of Lourance -- agronomic, ecological, micro- and macro-economic sustainability.

A more formal definition, of Larson and Pierce and many others is, " the capacity of the soil, as an integral part of the ecosystem to perform the functions of: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service NRCS is utilizing an "Ecosystems Based Approach" for its technology development and transfer program with soil quality being one of the basic criteria for the many decisions that have to be made with respect to sustainable land management.

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From the point of land use and land management decision making, soil quality provides a quantitative basis for evaluating different land use options and impacts of technology; furnishes parameters for quantifying ecosystem interactions; evaluates status and impacts of soil conditions over given periods of time; provides a basis for targeting conservation programs; enables environmental assessment, or specific assessments related to biodiversity, chemical loads, bio-contaminants, etc.Essay about red soil in africa.

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Fig. 2 illustrates the distribution of soil Orders in Africa. The scale does not permit a map at a more detailed categoric level. However, a map at scale million showing the distribution of soils at the Great Group level is available with the authors. Table 2, provides the areal distribution of the Great Groups of soils in Africa.

Jun 16,  · the red soil of Africa Two years ago I stepped onto African soil for the first time and since that moment my life has been turned, flipped, broken, crushed, thrown, and soaked in Glory. I ask questions and write about them.

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View my complete profile. Blog Archive (1) May (1) (7). Jul 29,  · Climate change, soil degradation and rising wealth are shrinking the amount of usable land in Africa. But the number of people who need it is rising fast.

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Standing in a pit in the red soil of a mountaintop forest in northern Mozambique, Dr Simon Willcock was dirty but very excited.


“Undisturbed forest is incredibly rare,” he said. “That is why.

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